Center of the Sun

Center of the Sun is a mature survival server featuring ENLIVEN, a game (using the Minetest engine) focusing on immersion.

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This server suggests connecting using Final Minetest from (if you're not sure what to get, you probably want the link for 64-bit Windows there).

ENLIVEN's top priority being immersion means the direction is to remove things that are overpowered or distract from narrative, and add things that add to cohesive gameplay and tell a story.

This server features a WIP (work in progress) version of ENLIVEN based on Bucket_Game. ENLIVEN currently has bleeding edge poikilos mods and patches, and some mods from the old ENLIVEN, but is not caught up with the old one in terms of mods yet.

A group of adventurers set out by choice to gain what their strange world had not handed them. What will they find? Will they find it in technology? ...society? ...architecture? ...or something deeper?


See Issues at the EnlivenMinetest project on GitHub.

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